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For more questions about the signal channel:


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Access our free Telegram to know our result and receive some of our signals. 

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Get the Premium Signals to receive all our operations.

Hire our service and receive our operations.


➡️ This Signal Bot provides all of our trades, including all their updates. We also share technical analysis.

💯 All analysis and trades are taken only by traders and are completely authentic.

‼ ️ Please DO NOT FORWARD messages from this Bot, as the Bot detects all forwarded messages and if you do, you will be blocked from the Channel. If you are blocked from the channel, we will NOT refund your subscription money.

💸 Estimated number of trades: 10-30 swing / day trades per week.

⚠️ Minimum risk - benefit is 1: 1. The minimum amount of pips for TP is 40. Guaranteed profit 4,000 pips per month.

🚀 Welcome to the community 🚀



Just a kind reminder about chargeback abuse.

Since our service is consulting and we operate with High Risk Markets, you accept the fact that Paypal and other services will not refund the fee.

If you have any concerns, please message support and we will sort it out in terms of the refund.



When accepting the payment, each Client must estimate that the service is configured to be provided by adding it to the Channel, as indicated in the TERMS AND CONDITIONS AGREEMENT.

By being added to the Channel, the Client automatically accepts the terms listed in the Agreement.

The results of previous signals do not mean the success of future ones.

All signs are provided as suggestions.

Trade at your own risk!



BROKER - It is extremely important to trade with our trusted broker AXIANCE

Register with the following link:

Between brokers, prices generally differ, therefore, to guarantee the same benefits that we obtain, it is essential that you operate with our trusted broker.


Also, once registered with the link, you can request an investment line of 100% of your deposit, participate in raffles and more.


Why choose Focus Capital Group over other trading signal and course services?

It is simple. We have the best numbers. We are highly superior to other services (trading signals) due to our success rate.

We offer more than 1,000 pips per week and 5,000 pips per month on the Forex channel.

On average, we have more than 90% more pips than a leading competitor. In addition, we have tons of verified results from our clients and we offer the highest quality customer service.


What capital do I need to have to subscribe to the Signal Channel?

To subscribe to any channel, you must have at least:

Forex Channel: $ 100


At what time do you ship  the signs?

We send signals throughout the day.

Because we have multiple traders, we can submit trades most of the day.

  We specialize in the New York, Asia and London sessions for Forex and the New York session for Indices.

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